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Bulgarian Folk Dances

Anastasia Moskova Vol. 1


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Tape - Availability unknown.

A1Radomirska lesa Bulgaria
A2Trakijska ruchenitsa Bulgaria
A3Vrapcheto Bulgaria
A4Vidinsko horo Bulgaria
A5Todorkinata Bulgaria
A6Svishtovsko horo Bulgaria
A7Dramchevo horo Bulgaria
A8Bavna melodiya Bulgaria
A9Ruchenitsa Bulgaria
A10Mikhalska kopanitsa Bulgaria
B1Tropanka Bulgaria
B2Seveanyashko pajdushko Bulgaria
B3Shto mi e milo Bulgaria
B4Ginka Bulgaria
B5Severnvashi tants Bulgaria
B6Kopanitsa Bulgaria
B7Shafersko daryavanet Bulgaria
B8Ruchenitsa Bulgaria
B9Kostievski moabet Bulgaria

Updated 7/12/2011

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