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Songs and Dances of the Balkan Gypsies


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Monitor MFS 747
LP - Availability unknown.

A1Maiden's playIbro Lolov
A2My heart is shedding bitter tearsMatza Loteva
A3Chimmy-chimmyChristo Elezov
A4On Sunday I attended a weddingNaza Salieva
Zvezda Salieva
A5Sofia danceIbro Lolov
A6I have been waiting three yearsNaza Salieva
A7I shall await your coming backNaza Salieva
Hassan Chinchiry
B1Match-makersNaza Salieva
B2Bride's danceIbro Lolov
B3The black musicianNaza Salieva
B4I went to SofiaDimcho Mitkov
B5Spring danceIbro Lolov
B6I have married a beautiful womanEmine Stoicheva
B7Do you hear, mummyNaza Salieva
Hassan Chinchiry

Updated 9/2/2010

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