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Songs and Dances of Macedonia

Vaska Ilieva, Koča Petrovski, Stevo Teodosievski Orch.

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Monitor MFS 444
LP - Availability unknown.

A1***** Excellent Šopsko oro Koco Petrovski Ensemble Macedonia2/4Modern Very Fast
A2***** Excellent Iznika mi badem drvo Vaska Ilieva
Ansambl Teodosievski
 Macedonia9/16 (2,2,2,3)ModernFemal Vocals 
A3***** Excellent Zajko kokorajko Kočo Petrovski Ensemble
Alexander Sarievski
ArapMacedonia2/4IzvornoMale Vocals 
A4***** Excellent Ostanala žena udovica Vaska Ilieva
Ansambl Teodosievski
 Macedonia7/16 (3,2,2)Modern  
A5***** Excellent Dimna juda mamo Tanec EnsembleKopackaMacedonia2/4ModernMale Vocals 
A6***** Excellent More čiča reče da me ženi Vaska Ilieva
Ansambl Teodosievski
PajduskaMacedonia5/16 (2,3)ModernFemal Vocals 
A7***** Excellent Dodi libe do večer Vaska Ilieva
Ansambl Teodosievski
 Macedonia2/4ModernFemal Vocals 
B1***** Excellent Pravoto oro (postupano) Pece AtanasovskiPostupanoMacedonia13/16 (2,2,2,3,2,2)Izvorno  
B2***** Excellent V nedela dojde edno mlado Vaska Ilieva
Ansambl Teodosievski
 Macedonia2/4ModernFemal Vocals 
B3***** Excellent More sokol pie voda Koco Petrovski Ensemble
Dragica Nikolova
Aleksandar Sarievski
LesnotoMacedonia7/16 (3,2,2)ModernFemal Vocals 
B4***** Excellent Zemljo Makedonska Vaska Ilieva
Ansambl Teodosievski
 Macedonia4/4ModernFemal Vocals 
B5***** Excellent Zurli treštat na sred seloThe Flute is Loud in the VillageTanec Ensemble
Koco Petrovski Ensemble
 Macedonia7/16 (2,2,3)ModernGroup Vocals 
B6***** Excellent Stojan na stanka dumaše Vaska Ilieva
Ansambl Teodosievski
 Macedonia~ Femal Vocals 

Updated 9/16/2009

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