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The Flight of Krali Marco

Ivan Milev Band

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CD - [2007] Available From: CD Baby

12:24In a Land Far, Far AwayIvan Milev Band
27:13RachenicaIvan Milev Band
36:26Northern TaleIvan Milev Band
42:17Visiting PanagiotisIvan Milev Band
56:19Crossing GypsiesIvan Milev Band
64:34MagyarsIvan Milev Band
76:34To the KasapskoIvan Milev Band
84:14Western TaleIvan Milev Band
93:48Uncharted TerritoryIvan Milev Band
102:07You and Me, Here and ThereIvan Milev Band
116:59Our HoroIvan Milev Band

Updated 1/3/2010

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