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Macedonian Folklore Classics

Vaska Ilieva

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MP 41019
CD - Availability unknown.

1Koj što me čue da peamVaska IlievaMacedonia
2Promenila mi se pandora devojkaVaska IlievaMacedonia
3Zemjo MakedonskaVaska IlievaMacedonia
4Koga padna na pirinaVaska IlievaMacedonia
5Kirajdžiče jabandžičeVaska IlievaMacedonia
6Tamu daleku voda mi dotečeVaska IlievaMacedonia
7Sednal MarkoVaska IlievaMacedonia
8Zaplakalo e mariovoVaska IlievaMacedonia
9Sudbo moja sudbinoVaska IlievaMacedonia
10Vo soluna edi kuleVaska IlievaMacedonia
11Site momčinja dojdoaVaska IlievaMacedonia
12Obloga se vaćat momče i devojčeVaska IlievaMacedonia
13Of bre Stojane sine StojaneVaska IlievaMacedonia
14Marike mori bela vardarikeVaska IlievaMacedonia
15Koga se mažeše sto ti se činešeVaska IlievaMacedonia
16Snošti si minav pokraj vašite portiVaska IlievaMacedonia
17Sestra brata kani na večeraVaska IlievaMacedonia
18Stojan na Stanka dumašeVaska IlievaMacedonia

Updated 10/22/2017

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