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Tamburitiza Serenaders

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SOMA: MG 1235
LP - Availability unknown.

A1MariannaTamburitza Serenaders (Duluth)
A2Moja DelkaTamburitza Serenaders (Duluth)
A3Iron Range polkaTamburitza Serenaders (Duluth)
A4Od SercaTamburitza Serenaders (Duluth)
A5Under the Double EagleTamburitza Serenaders (Duluth)
A6Third Man ThemeTamburitza Serenaders (Duluth)
A7MisirlouTamburitza Serenaders (Duluth)
B1Tera LenkaTamburitza Serenaders (Duluth)
B2KukavicaTamburitza Serenaders (Duluth)
B3Tango of RosesTamburitza Serenaders (Duluth)
B4Hercules WaltzTamburitza Serenaders (Duluth)
B5Sedi Mara Ala GigiTamburitza Serenaders (Duluth)

Updated 10/22/2017

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