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Hannibal: HNCD 1310
Music from the Croatian/Hungarian border; See also Hungaroton SLPX 18104 for many of the same songs.

CD - [1988] Commercially Available.

13:07**** Very Good DereVujicsics CroatiaTamburitsaTamburitsa
22:19**** Very Good SeljancicaVujicsics CroatiaTamburitsaTamburitsa
36:45**** Very Good Medley: Da je Visjna, Tanac-rance, VranjankaVujicsics
Marta Sebestyen
Da je Visjna, Tanac-rance, Rance, Vranjanka, ZikinoCroatiaTamburitsaTamburitsa, Vocal
42:00**** Very Good Malo KoloVujicsics CroatiaTamburitsaTamburitsa, Violin
53:21 Zbogom SeloVujicsics CroatiaTraditionalSopile, Male
64:12 Svatovac Iz PomazaVujicsics CroatiaTamburitsaTamburitsa, Ocarina,
71:58**** Very Good MadaracVujicsics CroatiaTamburitsaTamburitsa, Frula
82:05**** Very Good Medley: Selom Ide, Ovo KoloVujicsics
Marta Sebestyen
Selom Ide, Ovo KoloCroatiaTamburitsaFemale
93:39**** Very Good Sviraj Zlato!Vujicsics CroatiaTamburitsaTamburitsa, Sopile, Vocal
102:28**** Very Good Sokacko KoloVujicsics CroatiaTamburitsaTamburitsa
115:56**** Very Good Medley: Banatsko Kolo, Oj Savice, Mimikino KoloVujicsics
Marta Sebestyen
Banatsko Kolo, Oj Savice, Mimikino KoloCroatiaTamburitsaSopile, Vocal, Tamburitsa
125:37**** Very Good Medley: Aj...., SviralkaVujicsics
Marta Sebestyen
Aj...., Sviralka, Slavonsko KoloCroatiaTamburitsaVocal, Tamburitsa

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