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Bulgarian Folk Musik

Horo Orchestra - Rousse

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From bourque-moreau.com:

A dance CD. The Horo orchestra directed by Vassil Parvanov, well-known clarinetist (also plays sax and ocarina) is one of the better known folk dance bands in North Bulgaria. Band members include Ivailo Petrov, Ivan Deskov and Ljubomir Hristov (accordeon), Dimitar Hodzhev and Yavor Minchev (guitar and tambura) Dimitar Petrov (bass) and Petar Avramov (tapan). Most of the tunes on the CD are danceable horos and rachenitsas in the exhuberant North Bulgarian style, some of which are sung by soloists Elka Boneva, Nedelcho Valev, Georgi Androv and Mariana Androva.

CD - [1994] Available From: Yves Moreau

13:29***** Excellent Danubian dajcovo horo Horo Orchestra - RousseDajchovoBulgaria9/8 (2,2,2,3)Modern Traditional 
23:02**** Very Good Lovesko horo Horo Orchestra - RousseSopskoBulgaria2/4Modern Traditional 
33:16**** Very Good Trakiovska ruchenitsa Horo Orchestra - RousseRuchenitsaBulgaria7/16 (2,2,3)Modern Traditional 
42:10**** Very Good Vlyazla e Tinka v gradinkaTinka has entered the gardenHoro Orchestra - Rousse
Nedelcho Vulev
RuchenitsaBulgaria7/16 (2,2,3)Modern TraditionalMale Vocals
52:19**** Very Good Zalyubil KolyoKolyo has fallen in loveHoro Orchestra - Rousse
Nedelcho Vulev
PajduskoBulgaria5/8 (2,3)Modern TraditionalMale Vocals
63:06**** Very Good Koichovata Horo Orchestra - RousseDajchovoBulgaria9/8 (2,2,2,3)Modern Traditional 
74:28***** Excellent DulgataThe long oneHoro Orchestra - RousseDevetorkaBulgaria9/8 (2,2,2,3)Modern TraditionalAccordion, Tapan
82:54**** Very Good Pravo severnjasko horo Horo Orchestra - Rousse Bulgaria2/4Modern Traditional 
92:30*** Good Zalyubil TodorTodo has fallen inloveHoro Orchestra - Rousse
Georgi Androv
 Bulgaria2/4Modern Traditional 
102:52*** Good Mome, Eleno, ElenoHey Elena, MaidenHoro Orchestra - Rousse
Georgi Androv
GruncharskoBulgaria9/8 (2,3,2,2)Modern Traditional 
112:58**** Very Good Velikovo horo Horo Orchestra - Rousse Bulgaria2/4Modern Traditional 
123:52**** Very Good Petrovsko Elenino Horo Orchestra - RousseEleno MomeBulgaria7/16 (2,2,1,2)Modern Traditional 
132:20**** Very Good Rada si platno belesheRadka was bleaching clothHoro Orchestra - Rousse
Elka Boneva
 Bulgaria2/4Modern TraditionalFemale Vocals
143:10**** Very Good Zalyubih si dve momiI have fallen in love with two maidensHoro Orchestra - Rousse
Elka Boneva
PajduskoBulgaria5/8 (2,3)Modern TraditionalFemale Vocals
152:54**** Very Good Lyubomirovo horo Horo Orchestra - Rousse Bulgaria2/4Modern Traditional 
162:33**** Very Good Kaval sviriA kaval is playingHoro Orchestra - Rousse
Georgi Androv
Mariana Androva
 Bulgaria2/4Modern TraditionalMale and Female Vocals
172:05**** Very Good Zalyubii si dvama mladiTwo young ones have fallen in loveHoro Orchestra - Rousse
Georgi Androv
Mariana Androva
GruncharskoBulgaria9/16 (2,3,2,2)Modern TraditionalMale and Female Vocals
182:21**** Very Good Mominska racenicaMaiden's ruchenitsaHoro Orchestra - RousseRuchenitsaBulgaria7/16 (2,2,3)Modern Traditional 
194:10**** Very Good Katselovsko horo Horo Orchestra - RousseRuchenitsaBulgaria7/16 (2,2,3)Modern Traditional 
203:53**** Very Good Bavna idiliya + Berkovsko horo Horo Orchestra - RousseBerkovsko HoroBulgaria~ + 2/4Modern Traditional 

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