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Bulgarian Folk Dances


Supervised and Recorded in Bulgaria by Dennis Boxell
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Folkraft LP 26
Notes from the late Dennis Boxell:

Folkraft LP 26:

A-2, A-5, B-2. Village orchestra of Dragoevo (Shumen) recorded by D. Boxell April 23, 1963 in Dragoevo.

A-3, A-6, A-7. A rehearsal accordionist I recorded at Pionirski Dom, Pleven. After rehearsal one day, he wanted to show me how well he played the accordion. They are all Vlachs up there in Pleven. You can tell by listening to his "Kraj Dunavsko". It has much more flavor (grace notes, embellishment and improv). That’s him saying "Buchimish". I cut off his introductions of the other dances and at that time, I never planned to publish or do the dances to his music. I just thought he was a "swell" musician and liked his playing a lot. I lost his name. Later, I learned to have the musicians speak their name into the tape recorder.

A-1, [B-1]B-2, B-3. Recorded in Macedonia (surprise!) with Kocho Petrovski, Pece Atanasovski, Tale Ognenovski, and Aco Piperkov.

B-4, B-5, B-6. All commercial recordings I bought in Bulgaria at that time.

E-mail from Dennis, April 26, 2009.

LP - Availability unknown.

A12:31***** Excellent Jove Male Mome Arif Fazliev (Zurla)
Mefaj Fazliev (Zurla)
Njazi Idrizov (Tupan)
 Bulgaria7/16+11/16 (3,2,2 + 2,2,3,2,2)BitovGaida 
A22:41*** Good Isfurli Kondak Village orchestra of Dragoevo (Shumen) Bulgaria4/4SoloGaida 
A32:58**** Very Good Chekurjankino  RuchenitsaBulgaria7/16 (2,2,3)SoloAccordion 
A42:27**** Very Good Pravo TrakijskoZhorkinata (horo)Strandzhanskata Grupa Bulgaria6/8BitovGadulka, GaidaBHM 5901
A52:00*** Good Bjaganista Village orchestra of Dragoevo (Shumen) Bulgaria9/16 (2,2,2,3)SoloGaida 
A61:22***** Excellent Kraj Dunavsko   Bulgaria2/4SoloAccordion 
A71:12**** Very Good Buchimish   Bulgaria15/16 (2,2,2,2,3,2,2)SoloAccordion 
B12:07***** Excellent Kamenopolsko Kočo Petrovski
Pece Atanasovski
Tale Ognenovski
Aco Piperkov
B22:44**** Very Good Hvojtsata Village orchestra of Dragoevo (Shumen)PajduskaBulgaria5/16 (2,3)SoloGaida 
B32:09***** Excellent Cherkeska Kočo Petrovski
Pece Atanasovski
Tale Ognenovski
Aco Piperkov
 Bulgaria9/4 (2,2,2,1,2)ModernAccordion 
B43:18*** Good Graovsko Boris Karlov Bulgaria2/4ModernViolin 
B52:23**** Very Good ChestotoNa poyasStrandzhanskata Grupa Bulgaria6/8BitovGadulka, GaidaBHM 5901
B62:04***** Excellent Kopanica   Bulgaria11/16 (2,2,3,2,2)ModernClarinet 

Updated 11/3/2014

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