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Anthology of Folklore Music Volume 5 - Serbia 2


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Folkraft CD 2905
CD - [1998] Available From: muzika-balkana.blogspot.com

12:01Ajde, lepa Maro Serbia
22:12Sarajevka Serbia
32:01Polomka Serbia
42:11Savila se bela loza Serbia
54:02Todorka Serbia
62:56Popovičanka Serbia
72:36U šest IV Serbia
83:21Kostenka Serbia
92:52Pop Marinkovo kolo Serbia
102:11Gružanka Serbia
112:03Stara Vlajna Serbia
122:57Cigančica Serbia
132:08Uzička čarlama Serbia
142:40Popovo mi Stojna Serbia
152:22Ersko kolo Serbia
162:50Posla Rumena Serbia
172:16Lilka Serbia
183:17Vranjanka (Šano, dušo) Serbia
193:42Šestorka krupna Serbia
202:02Kolenike Serbia
213:33Šestorka sitna Serbia
222:50Basara Serbia

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