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Greek Folk Instruments Vol 5 - Violin



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FM 682
CD - Commercially Available.

1Harmantalis GreeceViolin
2Taksimi Kiourdou GreeceViolin
3Ta Xila GreeceViolin
4Karsilamas Dance of Mesotopo GreeceViolin
5Skaros GreeceViolin
6Angelo GreeceViolin
7Great Lament and Hora GreeceViolin
8St. Basil's Dance GreeceViolin
9Sousta Dance from Rhodes GreeceViolin
10Dance Form Aidini GreeceViolin
11Ballos Dance GreeceViolin
12Black Sea Dance GreeceViolin
13Syrtos from Bournova GreeceViolin
14Dance of the Scarves GreeceViolin
15Village Girl from Naxos GreeceViolin
16Aptalikos Zeibekikos GreeceViolin
17Cairo GreeceViolin

Updated 4/27/2010

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