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I Remember Hungary

Kalman Lendvay and his Gypsy Orchestra

Lendvay Kalman

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Fiesta: FLP 1265
LP - Availability unknown.

A1Bihari SongLendvay KalmanHungaryViolin
A2Loneson SundayLendvay KalmanHungaryViolin
A3Beautiful RosaLendvay KalmanHungaryViolin
A4We Shall Never Meet AgainLendvay KalmanHungaryViolin
A5Play Again, GypsyLendvay KalmanHungaryViolin
A6I Like the Way You SmailLendvay KalmanHungaryViolin
B1While Pigeons Iin the SkyLendvay KalmanHungaryViolin
B2My Lover Had GoneLendvay KalmanHungaryViolin
B3Guarded BorderLendvay KalmanHungaryViolin
B4Wild Pigeon's CooingLendvay KalmanHungaryViolin
B5If You Coul Love MeLendvay KalmanHungaryViolin
B6These are Red Roses for YouLendvay KalmanHungaryViolin

Updated 5/10/2013

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