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The Klezmorim

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Flying Fish: FF 258
LP - [1981] Availability unknown.

A1ConstantinopleThe KlezmorimKlezmer
A2BucharestThe KlezmorimKlezmer
A3The Tuba DoinaThe KlezmorimKlezmer
A4Hot DishesThe KlezmorimKlezmer
A5Kramtweiss Steps OutThe KlezmorimKlezmer
A6The Good SoldierThe KlezmorimKlezmer
A7Heyser BulgarThe KlezmorimKlezmer
B1The People's DanceThe KlezmorimKlezmer
B2MoldovankeThe KlezmorimKlezmer
B3Shryer's DoinaThe KlezmorimKlezmer
B4A Wild Night In OdessaThe KlezmorimKlezmer
B5The Shepard's DreamThe KlezmorimKlezmer

Updated 5/18/2013

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