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Bulgarian Instrumental Dance Music 1935-1950

Recorded from Balkanton / Radioprom 78s in Los Angeles 31-1-69


Album Cover

EE1 629.2
University of Washington Ethnomusicology Archives #EE1 629.2

Tape - Availability unknown.

A13:13ČamčetoKarlo Ansambl BulgariaBrass Band
A23:05RačenicaKarlo Ansambl BulgariaBrass Band
A33:07Jambolska lesaKarlo Ansambl BulgariaBrass Band
A42:33Eleno momeKarlo Ansambl BulgariaBrass Band
A53:10Pred Cenkini račenicaKarlo Ansambl BulgariaBrass Band
A62:32Vladajsko horoKarlo Ansambl BulgariaBrass Band
A73:14Staro svatbarsko horoKarlo Ansambl BulgariaBrass Band
A83:19Gankino horoKarlo Ansambl BulgariaBrass Band
A93:24Severnjaško horoRadi Angelov BulgariaClarinet & Orch.
A103:14Plevenska račenicaRadi Angelov BulgariaClarinet & Orch.
A113:22Na dulga sofraRadi Angelov BulgariaClarinet & Orch.
A123:02Kasapsko horoRadi Angelov BulgariaClarinet & Orch.
A133:01Radelovska račenicaGeorgi Koev
Boris Karlov
BulgariaClarinet & Orch.
A143:01Tonaško horoGeorgi Koev
Boris Karlov
BulgariaClarinet & Orch.
B13:13Čepelarsko horoAhmed Babakov BulgariaClarinet & Orch.
B21:56Na dulga trapezaAhmed Babakov BulgariaClarinet & Orch.
B33:25Sinitovsko horoZaprian Salimov BulgariaClarinet & Brass Orch.
B43:37Kasapsko horoZaprian Salimov BulgariaClarinet & Brass Orch.
B53:27HoroZaprian Salimov BulgariaClarinet & Brass Orch.
B63:30RačenicaZaprian Salimov BulgariaClarinet & Brass Orch.
B73:25Kitka horaDemir Čolakov BulgariaClarinet & Orch.
B92:54Novoselsko horoRamadan Lolov BulgariaClarinet & Orch.
B102:47Na dulga sofraAhmed Babakov BulgariaClarinet & Orch.
B133:40Na trapeza i horoGeorgi KoevBulgariaClarinet & Orch.
B143:16Čalapiska račenicaGeorgi KoevBulgariaKaval, Gajda, Gadulka

Updated 8/2/2011

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