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Far Away From the City

Nikolay Doktorov

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KolevEraFolk: Doktorov-2010
CD - [2010] Availability unknown.

1Woodland storyNikolay DoctorovBulgariaKaval
2Spring courtshipNikolay DoctorovBulgariaKaval
3Time's memoriesNikolay DoctorovBulgariaKaval
4The flight of the birdsNikolay DoctorovBulgariaKaval
5Tell me, grandfatherNikolay DoctorovBulgariaKaval
6A night's taleNikolay DoctorovBulgariaKaval
7Water dropsNikolay DoctorovBulgariaKaval
8Waking up under the sunNikolay DoctorovBulgariaKaval
9Morning dewNikolay DoctorovBulgariaKaval
10In the villageNikolay DoctorovBulgariaKaval
11Lunch bellsNikolay DoctorovBulgariaKaval
12Mountain songNikolay DoctorovBulgariaKaval
13Melody from the springNikolay DoctorovBulgariaKaval

Updated 7/8/2012

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