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Florina: Yesterday and Today

Clarinet and brass bands recorded in villages of Northwestern Greece in 1973 and 1995


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Demotika 1998

Recorded by Carl Deul in Skopia, Florina, Greece 1973 and by Joan Freidberg in Flambouro, Florina, Greece 1995

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Tracing the past through the present in the Florina & Lake Prespa Region
by Joan Freidberg

Presented at the 14th International Congress on Dance Research, Aridaia, Greece, 13-17/9, 2000.


Florina's traditional dances are known, remembered, and documented for the past 50 years, although much of the documentation available refers to dances exhibited by performing groups and does not provide a record of participatory dances as danced in the villages. When we try to trace them further back in time, the picture gets blurrier.

Throughout the first half of the 20th century, large upheavals resulted in dramatic shifts in the people who inhabited the Florina region. Because of these massive population shifts, local research into the dance traditions of the region is unlikely to give us a complete picture. However, by looking at both neighboring and diaspora communities, we can begin to reconstruct a dance culture as it existed at a specific time and place. This dance culture today not only crosses nearby political borders but also transnational boundaries across the globe [1]. This analysis reveals two contrasting trends: the survival of one dance and the endangerment of another.


CD - [1998] Available From: Joan Freidberg

12:45Engomia   Florina
21:23Milou Mou KokkinouMy Red AppleVasilios Kommatas Flambouro, Florina
31:28Raiko Mousiko Sinkrotima Skopia Skopia, Florina
42:27Beratis Mousiko Sinkrotima Skopia Skopia, Florina
53:46Beratis   Flambouro, Florina
64:02Pavlos Melas Mousiko Sinkrotima Skopia Skopia, Florina
72:13Aloniotikos KoftosPusteno of AlonaMousiko Sinkrotima Skopia Skopia, Florina
83:47Ali PashaEpitrapizio - Tsamiko table songMousiko Sinkrotima Skopia Skopia, Florina
93:01Beratis Vasilios Kapansois Florina
101:43BufskoBoufiko, Pusteno of Akritasm formerly BufMousiko Sinkrotima Skopia Skopia, Florina
112:02Gaida Mousiko Sinkrotima Skopia Skopia, Florina
123:38Toursko SiganskoPuou Exie Dimato Raki (Where is the brandy)Mousiko Sinkrotima Skopia Skopia, Florina
133:56Sigansko (Tikino) Mousiko Sinkrotima SkopiaCocekSkopia, Florina
142:00Pusteno Vasilios Kapansois Flambouro, Florina
153:02Tsingelanga Mousiko Sinkrotima Skopia Skopia, Florina
162:23Endeka Mousiko Sinkrotima Skopia Skopia, Florina
171:29Endeka   Flambouro, Florina
182:01Ohridsko Paidusko   Flambouro, Florina
191:53Makedonia / Hasaposerviko   Flambouro, Florina

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