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Μικρασιάτικα τραγούδια

Greek Songs of Asia Minor


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In this CD Domna Samiou presents songs and dances as she recorded them from refugees of Asia Minor. Interpretations stemming from the heart and dedicated to Baindiri, which is Domna’s very hometown in Asia Minor. This CD actually includes the songs of the two previous LPs 'Songs of Asia Minor 1 and 2'.

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CD - [1995] Availability unknown.

13:48Δεν είν’ αυγή να σηκωθώDen ein’ augi na sikotho (At dawn) Greece
24:40Σαν τα μάρμαρα της ΠόληςSan ta marmara tis Polis (Like the marble of the City (Constantinople)) Greece
33:43Ξύπνα μαυροματούσα μουXupna mauromatousa mou (Wake up my black eyed one) Greece
43:21Αντικρυστός χορόςAntikrustos horos (Dance (Karsilamas)) Greece
53:37Γιω ΜαργιώGio Margio (Yio Mario) Greece
63:48Από τα γλυκά σου μάτιαApo ta gluka sou matia (The water of Life) Greece
72:47Καλώς ανταμωθήκαμεKalos antamothikame (Well met) Greece
82:12Χορός κουταλιώνHoros koutalion (Dance (with wooden spoons)) Greece
93:04ΓιατζηλαριανήGiatzilariani (Yatzilariani) Greece
104:11Μ’ έχεις μπερντεμένοM’ eheis berntemeno (You have entangled me) Greece
113:26Ρουμπαλιά, γαρουφαλιάRoubalia, garoufalia (Roumbalia - carnation) Greece
123:57ΓιωργίτσαGiorgitsa (Yioryitsa) Greece
133:43Αλατσατιανός μπάλοςAlatsatianos balos (Ballos from Alatsata) Greece
144:20ΔημητρούλαDimitroula (Dimitroula) Greece
154:11Έρχομαι κι εσύ κοιμάσαιErhomai ki esu koimasai (I come and you are asleep) Greece
165:21ΡουμπαλιάRoubalia (Roumbalia) Greece
172:36Καράβι ένι το σπίτι μουKaravi eni to spiti mou (The ship is my house) Greece
183:09Σόλο βιολίSolo violi (Solo violin) Greece
195:18Η χήραI hira (The widow) Greece
203:01Τα ΜελιωτάκιαTa Meliotakia (The young Meliots) Greece

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