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Alone At My Wedding

Kočani Orkestar

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CD - [1998] Availability unknown.

14:15Šiki, Šiki BabaKočani OrkestarMacedonia
23:07Oi Bori SujieKočani OrkestarMacedonia
32:27Čudna ŽenaKočani OrkestarMacedonia
45:15Mi Bori Sar KoraniKočani OrkestarMacedonia
55:45Bayram Šekéri Kočani OrkestarMacedonia
65:08Rumunsko Gazal / Usti, Usti Baba / Rumunsko Kolo Kočani OrkestarMacedonia
73:12StamenaKočani OrkestarMacedonia
82:04Marsilia OroKočani OrkestarMacedonia
93:16Alim Korkori Ko BijavKočani OrkestarMacedonia
105:21Fantaisia For ClarinetKočani OrkestarMacedonia
113:48Učime MajkoKočani OrkestarMacedonia
124:51Ismail OroKočani OrkestarMacedonia
135:20Zen NubeKočani OrkestarMacedonia
144:10Goodbye MacedoniaKočani OrkestarMacedonia

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