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Au delà du mystère / Beyond the mystery - Vol. 2 Severnjaško - Dobrudža

Musique des villages de Bulgarie / Village music of Bulgaria - Vol. 2 Severnjaško - Dobrudža


Yves Moreau
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BMA 1002
Field recordings by Yves Moreau recorded in Bulgaria 1966-1972

CD - [2000] Yves Moreau

12:24Staro Kulsko & Sira Severnjashko Region Bulgaria
21:51Paslo e momce Severnjashko Region Bulgaria
32:18Oj, devojce Severnjashko Region Bulgaria
41:44Pajdusko Horo & Bâcvanka Severnjashko Region Bulgaria
50:40Osmica Severnjashko Region Bulgaria
64:19Sednal e Manol Severnjashko Region Bulgaria
71:48Marijce, le Severnjashko Region Bulgaria
81:15Sareno Horo Severnjashko Region Bulgaria
94:40Han Tatar pismo napisah Severnjashko Region Bulgaria
104:19Batuta & Floricica Severnjashko Region Bulgaria
114:41Maria Severnjashko Region Bulgaria
123:59Calusul & Hora de la Vrâv Severnjashko Region Bulgaria
131:49Doina Severnjashko Region Bulgaria
143:12Todorka Severnjashko Region Bulgaria
151:44Zavilo se e vito horo & Ivan na Rada dumase Severnjashko Region Bulgaria
161:15Cerkezko Horo Severnjashko Region Bulgaria
172:14Bavna & Pravo Horo Severnjashko Region Bulgaria
182:15Preskacanka Severnjashko Region Bulgaria
192:23Kucata Dobrudzha region Bulgaria
201:48Varnenski Kjucek Dobrudzha region Bulgaria
212:01Tropanka Dobrudzha region Bulgaria
227:37Altânlâ Stojan vojvoda Dobrudzha region Bulgaria
231:44Râka Dobrudzha region Bulgaria
241:46Dobrudzanski Râcenik Dobrudzha region Bulgaria
252:25Zborenka Dobrudzha region Bulgaria
262:16Opas Dobrudzha region Bulgaria

Updated 2/13/2013

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