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Au delà du mystère / Beyond the mystery - Vol. 1 Rhodopes - Thrace

Musique des villages de Bulgarie / Village music of Bulgaria - Vol. 1 Rhodopes - Thrace


Yves Moreau
Album Cover

BMA 1001
From bourque-moreau.com:

This is the FIRST in a collection of 3 CDs featuring instrumental and vocal village music from all ethnographic regions of Bulgaria. This album features some fine bagpipe (kaba gajda) players from the Rhodopes (including a group of 100 pipers playing at the Rozhen Festival). Also some excellent singers such as Valja Balkanska and Feim Dzhigov. The Thracian pieces are from both West and East Thrace with good dance tunes played by modern and bitov folk orchestras.: Racenica, Bucimis, Dzhinovsko and Trite Pati etc.

See: Bourque-Moreau Associés (BMA) Folklore Productions - Folk Shop

CD - Available From: Yves Moreau

1Bela sâm bela junace Dafo TrendafilovRhodopes  Kaba Gaida
2Râcenica Dafo TrendafilovRhodopes7/8 (2,2,3) Kaba Gaida
3Ne faljam ti sa, junace Kina Becheva
Kina Mendzhanova
Dafo Trendafilov
Rhodopes  Kaba Gaida
4Da znajes majco Radka Hariteva
Bedrieh Kehajova
Todorka Grudeva
Rhodopes  Kaval
5Minka Asan Aranaudov
Faradin Mohamedov
Rhodopes7/8 (2,2,3) Tambura
6Prehvrâknalo e pilence Todorka Grudeva
Asan Arnaudov
7Goro le goro zeleno Dimitur PetkovskiRhodopes  Kaba Gaida
8Fatmice mari hubava  Rhodopes   
9Svornato Paun KushlevRhodopes9/8 (2,2,2,3) Kaba Gaida
10Pospusni sa, Sar planino Valya Balkanska
Dimitur Petkovski
Rhodopes  Kaba Gaida
11Izlel e Delju Hajdutin Feim Dzhigov
Dimitur Petkovski
Rhodopes  Kaba Gaida
12Sarena gajda Lazar Kanevski
Stefan Zahmanov
Rhodopes  Kaba Gaida
13Pesen za Petko vojvoda Dimitur Kaifov
Atanas Ivanov
Rhodopes  Kaba Gaida
14Sto gajdi100 Bagpipes Rhodopes  Faida
15Bavna & svadbarska râcenica  Thrace7/8 (2,2,3)Modern 
16Sânuvale Nedo Angel BogdanovThrace11/8 (2,2,3,2,2) Gadulka, Kaval
17Buchimiss  Thrace15/8 (2,2,2,3,2,2)Bitov 
18Tace Ginka platno Jonka VasilevaThrace Bitov 
19Snosti vecer  Thrace11/8 (2,2,3,2,2)  
20Bavna & Stankinoto lice Stavko UzanovThrace  Gadulka
21Sâbrali sa, nabrali Elena GramatikovaThrace Folk Orchestra 
22Da znajes mamo, da znajes  Thrace7/8 (2,2,3)Bitov 
23Late le, mamina Hristo MinkovThrace2/4 Kaval
24Pravo Trakijsko Ivan Karapachov (Kaval)
Gospodin Petrov (Gadulka)
Mito Bozhinov (gaida)
Thrace6/8 Kaval, Gadulka, Gaida
25Džinovsko  Thrace2/4Small Folk Orch 
26Trite Pâti Ivan Bogoev (kaval)Thrace2/4 Kaval

Updated 10/29/2009

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