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Български Народни Танци

Bulgarski Narodni Tantsi - Bulgarian Folk Dances


Produced by Yves Moreau
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Album scans courtesy of: Larry Weiner

Balkanton: BHA 734
LP - [1970] Available From: Yves Moreau

A1Кулско хороKulsko horoKosta Kolev OrchestraBulgaria
A2ДенинкаDeninkaAnastas Naumov OrchestraBulgaria
A3Доспацко хороDospatsko horoAnastas Naumov OrchestraBulgaria
A4Радомирско хороRadomirsko horoKosta Kolev OrchestraBulgaria
A5КокичеKokicheAnastas Naumov OrchestraBulgaria
A6ДенйовоDenjovoEmil Kolev OrchestraBulgaria
B1ПандалашPandalashKosta Kolev OrchestraBulgaria
B2БичакBichakAnastas Naumov OrchestraBulgaria
B3БалдъзкаBalduzkaAnastas Naumov OrchestraBulgaria
B4АбадлаAbadlaKosta Kolev OrchestraBulgaria
B5ОпасOpasKosta Kolev OrchestraBulgaria
B6Чекърйанкино хороChekurjankino horoEmil Kolev OrchestraBulgaria

Updated 4/11/2011

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