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Емил Колев

Emil Kolev

Emil Kolev

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Balkanton: BHA 1712
LP - [1974] Availability unknown.

A1Еленино хороElenino horoEmil Kolev BulgariaAccordion
A2Дайчово хороDajchovo horoEmil Kolev BulgariaAccordion
A3Граовско хороGraovsko horoEmil Kolev BulgariaAccordion
A4Вранчанско хороVranchansko horoEmil KolevPajduskoBulgariaAccordion
A5Ганкино хороGankino horoEmil Kolev BulgariaAccordion
A6Хоро 'надлъж'Horo 'nadluzh'Emil KolevPravoBulgariaAccordion
B1Хоро 'грънчарка'Horo 'gruncharka'Emil KolevGrancarskoBulgariaAccordion
B2Брезнишко хороBreznishko horoEmil Kolev BulgariaAccordion
B3Сватбарска ръченицаSvatbarska ruchenitsaEmil KolevRuchenitsaBulgariaAccordion
B4Самоковско хороSamokovsko horoEmil KolevPravoBulgariaAccordion
B5Гранчарско хороGrancharsko horoEmil Kolev BulgariaAccordion
B6Кюстендилска ръченицаKyustendilska ruchenitsaEmil KolevRuchenitsaBulgariaAccordion

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