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Народни хора и ръченици

Narodni hora i ruchenitsi


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Album Cover (Russian)
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Album Back (Russian)
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Album Cover (Bulgarian)
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Album Label Side I (Bulgarian)
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Album Label Side II (Bulgarian)
Album scans courtesy of: Larry Weiner (alternate cover)

Balkanton: BHA 158
Cover in Russian, Label in Bulgarian; Pappas noted as 10 inch

LP - Availability unknown.

A13:38***** Excellent Северняшко хороSevernyashko horoIvan Shibilev OrchestraDajchovoNorth Bulgaria9/16 (2,2,2,3)Small Modern OrchestraViolin, Accordion, Clarinet
A24:39 Водено хороVodeno horoKostadin Varimezov
Kosta Kolev Orchestra
PravoBulgaria6/8Large Trad OrchestraGaida
A33:55 РъченицаRuchenitsaPetko Radev
Ivan Kirev Orchestra
Trakiiska Ruchenitsa (Classic)Bulgaria7/16 (2,2,3)Small Modern OrchestraClarinet
A43:35 Ганкино хороGankino horoSadovskata Grupa Bulgaria11/16 (2,2,3,2,2)Modern 
A52:58 Тополовска ръченицаTopolovska ruchenitsaPurvomajskata grupaRuchenitsaBulgaria7/16 (2,2,3)Small Modern OrchestraAccordion, Trumpet
A65:00 Право тракийско хороPravo trakijsko horoPurvomajskata grupa(Classic)Bulgaria6/8Bitov OrchestraKaval
B14:13 Cетворно хороCetvorno horoKosta KolevRipna MacaBulgaria7/16 (3,2,2)Small Modern OrchestraAccordion
B23:06***** Excellent РъченицаRuchenitsaJordan Tsvetkov Bulgaria7/16 (2,2,3)Small Trad OrchestraTambura
B33:30 Гранчарско хороGrancharsko horoN. Tsonev Douhov Orch Bulgaria9/16 (2,3,2,2)Brass Band Orchestra 
B43:45 Ярешко хороYareshko horoNikola GanchevPravo Trakiisko HoroBulgaria6/8Small Trad OrchestraKaval
B53:24 Драгойновско хороDragojnovsko horoIvan ShibilevPravo Trakiisko HoroBulgaria6/8Small Modern OrchestraAccordion, Clarinet
B62:44 РъченицаRuchenitsaN. Tsonev Douhov OrchTrakiiska Ruchenitsa (Classic)Bulgaria7/16 (2,2,3)Brass Band 

Updated 2/24/2011

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