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BULGARIA & Sons ! (& daughters too) Vol. 3

More unusual Bulgarian folk music compiled and commented by Yves Moreau


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Album scans courtesy of: John Pappas

Tape - Availability unknown.

A1Raka An Oro Bulgaria
A2Gankino Air Farce Bulgaria
A3Swinging Bitov Bulgaria
A4Shope Opera Bulgaria
A5Les Voix Japonaises (2) Bulgaria
A6Yanka into Rock Bulgaria
A7Harmonika Ratchenitsa Bulgaria
B1Bulgarska Lambada Bulgaria
B2Swingle Scat Ratchenitsa Bulgaria
B3Oilmano is a Scream Bulgaria
B4Rhodopes Gas & Electric Bulgaria
B5Uncle Pantcho's Symphony Bulgaria
B6Ladino Horo Bulgaria
B7Theodosii's Kavalkade (2) Bulgaria
B8That's all folks ... Bulgaria

Updated 2/11/2018

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