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Folklore Dances of Bulgaria


Produced for Dennis Boxell workshops in the 1960s
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Notes from the late Dennis Boxell:

B (Boxell)-4000 were all 78 Radioprum from Filcich's basement except for A-2 "Kamishitsa" and B-2 "Danets-Zborenka". I didn't notate any of the musicians or groups listed on the labels. A-1 "Sitno Zhensko Horo" was called something else but all the other titles are on the original 78s. A-2 and B-2 were from my tapes from London. Danny Lumbly's Bulgarian Dance club gave me the reel to reel tapes (same source as Bavno and Tresenitsa). He recorded the rehearsal musicians of the special group in Sofia who worked with his dancers in the 1950s when they went there to help rebuild the new Bulgaria.

E-mail from Dennis, April 26, 2009.

LP - Availability unknown.

A1 Sitno Zhensko Horo  Bulgaria2/4   
A2 Kamashitsa  Bulgaria7/16 (3,2,2)   
A3 Kopanitsa Plovdiska  Bulgaria11/16 (2,2,3,2,2)   
A4 Kermensko Horo  Bulgaria6/8   
A5 Voisilsko Shopsko HoroGeorgi Koev
Boris Karlov Orchestra
A6 Plevenska RachenitsaRadi Angelov RuchenitsaBulgaria7/16 (2,2,3)   
B1 Kulka  Bulgaria2/4   
B2***** Excellent Danets - Zborenka ZborenkaBulgaria2/4   
B3***** Excellent Chetvorno HoroSadovskata Grupa Bulgaria7/16 (3,2,2)ModernTrumpet, ClarinetBHM 5939
B4 Chekurjankino Horo - Ruchenitsa RuchenitsaBulgaria7/16 (2,2,3)   
B5***** Excellent Plevensko Dajchovo HoroGrupata na Tsvyatko BlagoevDajchovoBulgaria9/16 (2,2,2,3)   
B6 Elenino Horo  Bulgaria7/16 (2,2,1,2)   

Updated 2/14/2010

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