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Ćhaj Zibede

Rromano Dives

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Al Sur ALCD 172
CD - [1996] Available From: Muzika Balkana

15:42E Semesqiri GiliRromano DivesAlbania
24:02Chaj ZibedeRromano DivesAlbania
33:46Desenia-bresenqoRromano DivesAlbania
42:31I cirikliRromano DivesAlbania
54:40Hajde dudo k-o bunariRromano DivesAlbania
62:51Kas kamèsa tu na iye?Rromano DivesAlbania
71:38BasandutniRromano DivesAlbania
83:57Me manglom tutRromano DivesAlbania
92:01E ivanesqi giliRromano DivesAlbania
103:24E sokàkâRromano DivesAlbania
112:29Malkondas man o develRromano DivesAlbania
122:18Me canga dukhàna manRromano DivesAlbania
133:54Godârav sasRromano DivesAlbania
142:56Amare kheresqo chatloRromano DivesAlbania
154:21jekh luvRromano DivesAlbania
163:34E asiaRromano DivesAlbania

Updated 2/6/2014

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